Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – July 29 thru August 4, 2012

In case you missed this week’s articles, here is a summary:





Cue the Music – What if we had music underscoring our personal and business lives? First we would have to pick a title song that would begin each day…hopefully upbeat and cheerful. Then as events unfold in our lives there would be additional music interwoven with our actions. Our opening joke in a presentation would be followed by a rim shot on a snare drum. A disagreement with a friend or co-worker might happen over angry trumpets calling out to each other.



A Week With The Grandparents




Do We Ever Really Grow Up? – It never ceases to amaze me that uncluttered young brains can be so perceptive. Having the attention span of a gnat rarely keeps them from taking it all in. They may not have all the sophisticated mental connections for logical thought processes, but hearing their imagination and following their creative ideas is remarkable and somehow rejuvenating.








The Three Dis’s of Problem Solving – Whoever came up with the KISS concept (Keep It Simple Stupid) is anonymous but taught us not to over think a simple problem. Today I am introducing my Three Dis’s of Problem Solving, a concept that will be immediately recognized as one of those non-scholarly, non-Earth-shattering but hopefully memorable mind tricks.



Manhole covers are hiding sewage. Manhole cover questions do the same thing.








Interview Question: Why Do You Work? – In a discussion with a hiring manager about her decision to choose tricky interview questions not even remotely related to job specs I was told that one question was not negotiable. “I always ask a candidate why they go to work every day.” I agreed with her that this one was probably OK even though I didn’t immediately see how it would be measurable or allow candidates to be compared to each other for evaluation.