Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – December 30, 2012 thru January 5, 2013


In case you missed this week’s articles, here is a summary:

Dec 30 – Blog Soup – From the Archives of Make HR Happen v.9 – This is a re-posting of five previous articles from Make HR Happen. – more –






Dec 30 – When Customer Service Doesn’t Matter – Ah, but you say customer service always matters. Not always. The outward facing image of a company is only one of its many characteristics that must be prioritized relative to the external environment.  I once worked with a crusty old marketing VP to insure that a start-up company’s recruiting campaigns were consistent with the product marketing. In a universe where everybody is concerned with projecting the same brand image on the marketplace, collaboration such as this is of benefit to all. He had one message that I heard over and over. “You can’t gift wrap a turd!” – more –

Jan 1 – New Paradigm: No Reflections, No Predictions, No Resolutions – Just Prioritization – The turn of a calendar page to a new year has some sort of psychomagnetic effect on our brain that sucks our thinking into hideous hindsight, feeble foresight and pious promises. – more –



Jan 2 – Where Will You Start Today? (Hint: Prioritize) – We all know people that seem to need total retraining when they return to work after taking only a few hours off for a nap before breakfast. For most of the rest of us, the first day of work after returning from a vacation or holiday may feel like that. – more –




Jan 3 – May I Have a Few Minutes of Your Time? – If you are a marketing genius, here is some feedback for you… no charge for this and you don’t have to work for it: I hang up on telemarketers and robocalls. I also know many other people who do the same. I know, I know… this is anecdotal evidence since one or a few people is not enough to form a statistically correct sample size, but the logic of these practices totally escapes me. Maybe you have some market data that says that intrusion on people’s private time is worth the effort, but I’m sure that your data did not include opinions from people like me. – more –


Jan 4 – Job Seekers: You Need a Pilot for Your Ship – The concept of a maritime pilot is said to be as old as the sea itself. In ancient Greece, local fishermen would be hired to bring foreign ships safely into port. Modern day pilots serve to facilitate a global shipping trade where local laws and navigation rules could possibly overwhelm a ship’s captain and crew. Instead of risking shipwreck or disaster, they rely on pilot ships to guide them to harbor or actually allow a skilled pilot to board and assume temporary command of the ship during critical passage. – more –