From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Talked About Networking

When we talk to job seekers about the best way to find leads toward finding that dream job, one of the top three recommendations is always networking. When we consider our personal brands and attempt to carve out the niche where we belong, one of the top tools we use is networking. This is somewhat oversimplifying a complex activity because many people are not wired to do networking as a natural part of their character. Many find that they are at ease online with a virtual relationship and find terror in actually meeting a networking “friend” in real life. I consider myself to be a naturally shy person who has had to fight personal demons to at least project the outward appearance of being outgoing. I recognize 100% that telling someone “just” to network is about as shallow as it gets in the advice department. It is like telling someone who has experienced intense personal tragedy to “just” get over it. Giving advice is more about listening first and then offering an opinion tailored to the specific circumstances. When nobody is around to give us advice, we pick ourselves up and learn how to do those hard things. Learn to network! It is not easy, but it is essential and you won’t regret it. There cannot be enough said about networking because it is so vital to becoming all that we hope to be.


Why Networking Doesn’t Work – History has given modern society the concept that all humans are equal. This is a political truism that has spawned governments and has civilized our culture. It is at the center of our belief system that there is a right and a wrong, a good and a bad in almost everything. Equality is at the very core of who we are. We cringe when some nut-job tries to prove scientifically that one race or gender or nationality is inferior to another. Somehow, with all this going for us, we fail to understand “why doesn’t everyone just think like me.”  – more –


What You Don’t Know About Networking – Everybody talks about networking. It is no coincidence that the dictionary definition of the word can be either a system of interconnected computers or a supportive collection of individuals or groups with a common interest. The analogy of computer networking and people networking is not a coincidence since both involve the effective communication of information. – more –

Networking Resources for the Job Seeker – Today’s Dozen – Almost all recruiters, coaches and successful job seekers believe that there is no substitute for networking as the best tool to develop while involved in a job search. Even if not in active search mode, there is no reason to stop making new contacts and developing your network further. You will hear the analogy, “Dig your well before you are thirsty.” There are hundreds of online resources about networking. – more –