Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Absolutely No April Foolery

Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules! But we started off the week with the rules for breaking all the rules. Following up on that concept, there were articles on the five rules for building trust, then three more rules on exposing the past, multiple rules for considering contingent employment, and finally five more rules for dealing with toxic people in the workplace. Actually, these are more like lists of guidelines that are the result of common sense application to ongoing topics. As always, feedback on any of these articles, including additional rules or challenges to anything stated as fact, keeps the discussion live and benefits our common knowledge.

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PicassoApril 1 – Playing By the Rules – There are dozens of motivational quotes about either breaking or following rules. It is a good thing that these one-liners are not considered a business model because there would be total anarchy. The saying attributed to Einstein is probably my favorite because it does not use a strict interpretation of the word “rules.” – more –




Apr 2 – Creating an Environment of Trust– If there is one thing that is certain about managing the human resource of a company it is that no standard measure of the group can be representative of every individual. The opposite is not true. Employee surveys are generally aggregated to give a sense of the pulse of the group and statistically we take some degree of satisfaction in knowing how the “organization” thinks. – more –




archaeologyApr 3 – Institutional Archaeology  – Often overlooked in the undeclared war between generations in the workplace is the fact that most people are not stupid. Thin skinned new entrants into the workforce meet and mingle with the bias of overconfident old timers and chips begin flying off of everybody’s shoulders throughout the organization.  – more –


ContingentWorkforceApr 4 – Considering a Contingent Career – About the time that the current boomer generation came into existence in the mid-1940’s, William Kelly placed his first “Kelly Girl” office temps with a client. How times have changed. By 1990 this had grown to the proportion of 1 in 13 new jobs categorized as temps and Manpower, Inc. became larger than General Electric. – more –



Apr 5 – Antivirus Against Toxic People – I am a very cautious and paranoid web user since I am so exposed by the work that I do. Even so, I still get emails from time to time from technical troglodytes, mainly my sister and a few old high school friends, addressed to me (with somebody else’s bogus email address in the header) containing a link to some obscure website, but I absolutely never click on any of those links… as I am sure that they did to give up my email address from their address books.  – more –