Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – The People Interface

This was not exactly “Theme Week” on Make HR Happen, but as always there was a core concept of analyzing interpersonal relationships that make us do what we do. Human resources is probably the most difficult to manage of all the assets that a company has in its inventory. This eclectic set of articles follows various aspects of managing people, understanding their motivations, and giving appropriate responses. First we started with dealing with problem people, moved on to getting them to tell you stuff, looked at getting surprised by them, discussed the frustrations of trying to help them, and finally working to us all more productive. As always, one viewpoint never tells the whole story, so comments and embellishments are always invited.

Image credit: rtimages / 123RF Stock Photo

April 8 – Coping with Irritable People – Is there any more overcooked analogy than the one about the lowly oyster taking a grain of sand and making it into a pearl? If we were to believe all of the motivational quotes, shallow platitudes, flowery poems and religious themes about creating something of beauty out of a painful irritation we would be surrendering our humanity. – more –



Apr 9 –The Grapevine Knows – Millions of dollars are spent each year by companies trying to find out information about their competitors. Business intelligence is big business. Reversing that concept puts the whole idea of knowledge management in a different light, What do my competitors know about me? – more –



Apr 10 – Look For the Eureka Moments  – The ancient Greek scholar Archimedes was wrestling with a problem. Hiero II, king of Syracuse, suspected that he was being cheated by the goldsmith who had cast a votive crown for a temple. He had asked Archimedes to confirm or deny his suspicions, but substituting other metals for gold in an irregular object was not something that was easily done in the days before laser scanning and 3-D imaging.  – more –


Apr 11 – What Job Seekers Really Want– This is the article that shouldn’t be written. At least the timing is absolutely wrong for so many reasons, but the frustration of “paying it forward” when nobody cares eventually grinds the true caring person inside of me to a halt. I spent last weekend reading Harvey Mackay’s book Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty because it is one of those classic networking books that I have quoted without having read the book from cover to cover. – more –



Apr 12 – Nimbility – The word “nimbility” is not in the dictionary. I know because I invented it 15 years ago in a presentation to a client about how to become more nimble in their ability to hire the best talent. A Google search today will find that other people are using that term, but I probably can’t cry foul or plagiarism.  It is just a logical conclusion reached independently by people who never allow a conventional vocabulary to interfere with communicating an idea. – more –