Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Exploring Social Recruiting

From time to time I pick out a timely topic and give it a try. I was an early adopter to the concept of using social media in recruiting. I’m not sure who put together the term Social Recruiting but it probably had something to do with #socialrecruiting using fewer characters than #socialmediarecruiting. For all the years that I have called myself a recruiter it has always been social. If you don’t have a dialog with people then work doesn’t get done. Even though I try to stay on top of things, I get a slap in the face from reality from time to time when social media is too slow. We think it is instant communication, but in reality it is no faster than email most of the time: The writer writes and then waits for the reader to read. I’m also not sure who decided that the telephone is low tech or not social. It used to piss people off when they came into my office with some minor complaint and before they were finished speaking I was dialing the phone to ask somebody to help solve the problem. Boom! Fix it now and don’t wait for people to let their anger fester… or have time to make up an excuse.

The five articles on Social Recruiting this week walk through some of the salient points of making it happen, but nobody should take this as THE way to do it. There is no THE way to do it. Every situation is different. In most cases, it is almost better to examine where each social media tools fails to be social and fix it to be more people oriented. If it fails to facilitate communication between people we are no better off than with newspaper ads and paper resumes. LinkedIn is post and pray only in your company? Don’t do it. That’s stupid. Be social or don’t waste your money. Comments are always welcome on this site, but more than ever before we need to have a continuing dialog about what works and what doesn’t in Social Recruiting.

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May 13 – Social Recruiting: Just As Fickle As Social Media – Have you noticed that print media is shrinking? No, not the number of newspapers that are printed but the physical size of many major newspapers is getting smaller. Pages literally roll off of the presses at unbelievable speeds in a four page width that is cut in half and automatically folded into sections. Since the late 1800’s the standard width of this roll for US presses was 54 inches. With competition from other media sources, newsprint has been downsized as a cost cutting tool. It is now possible to find even 44 inch standard broadsheets. – more –


May 14 – Social Recruiting: The Importance of Missionaries for the Cause –What is the difference between a social media enthusiast and a social media missionary? I almost hesitate to use the term “missionary” because of the religious overtones of that word, but in this case it is 100% appropriate. Many people who are knowledgeable about the major social media platforms are ardent supporters and can argue passionately about their belief that this is the wave of the future. Unfortunately, they are just as wrong as the ones who argue that it is all meaningless and a waste of time. – more –


May 15 – Social Recruiting: Justification by the Numbers – When everybody professes to be an expert on a topic there is a high probability that nobody is really an expert. Finding hard data to support a social recruiting program is a never ending quest. It is like looking for proof of extraterrestrial life by scanning the heavens with a radio telescope and getting excited when a blip on the scope shows signs of promise. Often space noise is just a million-year old star fart and sometimes social recruiting stats are the result of twisted and tainted data when interpreted by mere Earthlings.  – more –


May 16 – Social Recruiting: Make a Plan or Plan to Fail – Personal use of social media has been made too easy to use. The platforms that allow us to stay in touch with family, friends, and former colleagues even reminds us to wish a “Happy Birthday” to them and others… and we call people friends that we have never met. This is not a bad thing, but the same medium that provides so much information and entertainment also lures us onto dangerous turf. Ease of use means people that are somewhat computer literate but not overly tech savvy can fall for phishing scams that compromise their privacy and perhaps expose themselves to even worse cyberstalking activity. – more –


May 17 – Social Recruiting: Where You are Going is NOT on The Map (Yet) – History is often a straight line from the past to the present. People and politics can alter that course, but civilization seems to be predestined to advance because of natural forces that somehow eliminates the negative forces and builds on the positive ones. The history of social media in recruiting has not taken a straight line so far because the overall concept is always being influenced by monumental changes in the platforms that make it possible. Those who are seeing a straight line from placing recruiting ads in newspapers, then doing the same on career sites, and then on to social tools will never be able to see the future. – more –