Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Everything I Need to Know About Culture I Learned from Yogurt

Yogurt is made by the fermentation of milk by bacteria known as “yogurt cultures.” When people are chatting, blogging, or referencing a company culture it makes me think of just how perfectly matched the analogy of yogurt to culture happens to be… a concept that upper management needs to keep in mind. All the best ideas are not at the top. In fact some of the most fruitful ideas in a company come from lower down on the org chart. It is management’s responsibility to somehow stir up the engagement of those at the bottom so that their ideas are spread throughout the organization and they are rewarded by seeing their contribution make everything better. Don’t you just love it when our HR buzz words come to life in common everyday examples?

This week focused on organizational culture from many perspectives. There is no end to how many angles this viewpoint can take. How many people are on the planet?

June 3 – Defining Company Culture and Making It Happen – One of the cleverest employee pranks I have seen was a man who showed up on Halloween in a gorilla suit along with a doctored ID badge showing the picture of a gorilla and the name “King Kong.” He was waved through the front door by security, wandered about the building acting monkey-like, and nobody knew who he was until around Noon when he unmasked in the cafeteria to eat. – more –



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June 4 – Lead, Follow, or Get Out Of The Way – When we talk about company culture, we usually believe that there are stark differences between military and civilian life. There are actually more similarities than may be seen at first glance. Examples of leadership transcend traditional boundaries and give testimony to basic facts about human nature that defines our true corporate cultures. Hint: This is also one reason that former military personnel are excellent choices for hire in almost any environment. – more –



June 5 – The Burn-out Culture of Too Muchism– Plato’s comments regarding multitasking were probably meant to be instructive to his followers. We can assume that the point of this lesson was to correct what he saw as an error in thinking on their part. We haven’t learned very much in 2,400 years. Modern society has not only ignored this lesson it has generally embraced the concept of multitasking. – more –



Yin-YangJune 6 – Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Diversity – The human resources professional is in the cross-hairs of Neutrality. Everything that is balance in the universe seems to fall apart at our doors. When we take sides on issues because of personal preferences rather than professional objectivity, then Neutrality pulls the trigger and we fail. If we are a value-added resource to our organizations, then our failure has far reaching consequences. – more –



June 7 – Ten Ways To Fix a Nasty Culture by Communicating – About ten years ago there was an upscale eat-in Chinese restaurant in the Danbury Square Mall with a huge marquee sign proclaiming in neon that it was the home of “DYNASTY RESTAURANT.” Of course, one cardinal rule of communication is to always be aware of the message you are sending. – more –