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Memorial Day

“The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.” – Douglas MacArthur A paradox in the history of human thought is that peace is worth fighting for. The very irony of that sentence is rarely discussed. Most religions of the world teach …

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Chatting with Twitter: Why and How To Do It

I laugh when I hear skeptics claim that Twitter is a passing fad and they won’t use it. “I don’t need to tell people what I have for breakfast every morning.” If that were the extent of the use of this social media phenomenon, I would probably agree. There is certainly evidence that a huge …

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Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 3

In the first two installments of “Think Like a Recruiter” there was a consistent theme which is a clue as to how the job search should begin. This may be a good place to pause and mention that there is a wide variety of thought on how to best perform a job search. The progression …

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The Four Pillars of Recruiting

The knee-jerk reaction to describing essential elements of a function is to think of the columns holding up some massive structure. This is understood to be a symbol of strength. A very supportive person is known as a “pillar of strength.” While somewhat overused by business to show the strength of ideas, it also has …

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Recruiting Innovation

If you Google the words “recruiting innovation” this morning you will probably find a dozen or more blog posts about the Recruiting Innovation Summit yesterday conducted by and hosted by LinkedIn at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA. When I began blogging again, I promised that I would avoid becoming a “me too” blogger …

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