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The Post-Conference Trip Home from Euphoria

Musicians call it dynamics. Most of the conferences that I have attended contained accented notes, a few well placed rests, and heightened emotional crescendos followed by equally moving decrescendos. Dynamics! After any concert when the musicians stop playing those who were immersed in the moment will carry that experience away and relive it for a …

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Networking: The Job Search Imperative

So, you think spending a few minutes applying to jobs through a job board is a complete job search plan? Think again. Job boards are still a valuable part of the process, but the usefulness of this approach is trending downward. Three years ago almost 25% of new hires came from the boards, last year …

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Contingent Workforce Part I – Already Bigger Than You Think

For years HR has turned a blind eye to the non-employee workforce in a company. Even though some of the contingent workforce sits in cubicles adjacent to full time regular employees, they were for the most part the outsiders. Because of the fear of something called “co-employment” conservative onboard jailhouse legal advice was passed from …

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