Category: Culture

HR and Made-up Rules

Here is the rule for making a sandwich with Swiss cheese: There is a two-slice minimum. The second slice must be rotated into such a position that there is no exposed gap from a hole beneath it in another layer. To do otherwise would degrade the flavor experience of enjoying the taste of Swiss cheese …

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Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way

A memorable piece of my life is still tucked away in Fort Benning, GA. There was a statue in front of Infantry Hall carrying the label “Follow Me” which we lovingly called “Iron Mike” for some reason I never knew. It shows a World War II infantry soldier with an upraised arm motioning for those …

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From the Greatest Generation To the Degraded Generation

We live in an age when everything and everyone must fit neatly into labeled buckets. There isn’t much room to wiggle out of the label planted on groups of people and if the term does not seem to fit we arbitrarily redefine the words. For example, what is a minority? Women are not a “minority” …

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