Category: Generations

Aug 17

Technology and Respect for Its Roots

One of my favorite pieces of art is Winston Link’s photograph “Old Maude bows to the Virginia Creeper” in which an old horse seems to be giving deference to the approach of new technology. Gene and Roy Hampton just happened to be at the crossing with a sledge of wood destined for their nearby farm …

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Sep 07

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Thinking About Our Prejudices

The topics related to waging war on discrimination, stereotypes, bias, and prejudice seem to be popular among my readers. I have often said that I write mostly for myself, but there is a certain feeling of gratification when the numbers show that people are actually reading the articles that I write. This week it seems …

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Sep 03

Experience Can Be Our Worst Enemy

Many of the stereotypes we believe to be absolute truths are the result of personal experiences that confirm the worst in other people. When we act on our prejudices about someone that is “not like us” we never stop to think about our thoughts from another point of view. Ironically we demand proof from others …

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Sep 02

Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

If there is any hot button that raises my fur it is when people make assumptions about me or others by assigning them to a particular generational bucket. Not being a fan of oversimplified infographics, I was particularly annoyed at one that I saw last week showing how to provide incentives to each of four …

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Aug 20

Value of the Fringe

From the time you decided to burst forth from the womb you started on a course that would inevitably expose you to the fringe. Mommy and Daddy protected you from bad people, but your very being is quite different from them even though genetically you may carry some of their physical characteristics. Every person capable …

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