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Apr 25

Networking: The Job Search Imperative

So, you think spending a few minutes applying to jobs through a job board is a complete job search plan? Think again. Job boards are still a valuable part of the process, but the usefulness of this approach is trending downward. Three years ago almost 25% of new hires came from the boards, last year …

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Mar 12

The Art of Tootology

Some phrases are difficult to define and are usually not translatable into another language. According to some accounts, John F. Kennedy made a major German language faux pas in his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in Berlin, Germany. The more grammatically correct text would have been “Ich bin Berliner.” So instead of saying “I am …

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Feb 22

What Is Next in Social Media?

The only thing that limits the expansion of social media is the human brain and expanding technology to meet the needs of communication and curiosity. Today’s social media usage has gone far beyond science fiction of a few years ago, so perhaps there is a clue into how future needs will be met in the …

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Feb 21

Social Media in Recruiting and Job Search

One of the first uses of social media ties between a company and an individual is sales and marketing communications. Many miss this legitimate point: there is nothing different about the message if it is just warmed over crap on a different medium. The use of social media for recruiting is the probably the most …

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Feb 19

Individual Use of Social Media

The unique ability of social media to provide a channel for two-way communication makes it different from all other media. That one factor has done more to change our world than any other medium in history. We have evolved from consumers of information into a participative culture that gives everyone equal footing as transmitter of …

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