Category: Workforce Management

Taking the Pulse of the Market is the Recruiting Start Point

We all know that the economy has been turbulent over the last few years. It has touched many people personally. Listening to the market and watching the data is a major element in planning recruitment. March of 2013 was a benchmark in time when government cutbacks impacted the reporting of mass layoffs by the Bureau …

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Creating an Environment of Trust

If there is one thing that is certain about managing the human resource of a company it is that no standard measure of the group can be representative of every individual. The opposite is not true. Employee surveys are generally aggregated to give a sense of the pulse of the group and statistically we take …

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Contingent Workforce Part I – Already Bigger Than You Think

For years HR has turned a blind eye to the non-employee workforce in a company. Even though some of the contingent workforce sits in cubicles adjacent to full time regular employees, they were for the most part the outsiders. Because of the fear of something called “co-employment” conservative onboard jailhouse legal advice was passed from …

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