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Oct 30

Fine Tuning Business Ethics

A popular concept in science fiction is to consider a parallel universe where cultural norms are reversed. There are an infinite number of possible situations that would make travel to one of these dimensions enlightening or humorous… or both. Daily life in our universe is never seen to be out of the ordinary because we …

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Oct 28

Why There Is Business Ethics

Once upon a time [about 2500 years ago] in a land far away [Greece, to be exact] philosophers began to consider pure virtue as the moral descriptor in determining ethical behavior. Socrates urged teachers, pupils, and ordinary people to turn inward and reflect on the human experience. Knowledge of self was the prerequisite course in …

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Oct 07

Consultants – Part I: Consultancy Defined

The term “consultant” means different things under different circumstances, but it is generally regarded as a person that is considered to be an expert in some field for which they can be regarded as a professional advisor. While that sounds impressive, they don’t always have the respect of being an expert and many do not …

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Oct 06

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Party of One

The life of a road warrior is sometimes exciting and filled with opportunities to network with new professional colleagues. Close friendships develop over time and as is the case with most business relationships there is a closer bond when there is a shared experience of good food and drink. Before you sign up for this …

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