Tag: Candidate Experience

Dec 30

Go Forth and Spam No More

The debate rages on at conferences, meetings, online media, and in just plain gossip. Why does everyone say they hate spam and then engage in the same practices they deplore? This is especially puzzling when the spaminator is a recruiter who is not only supposed to know better, but also needs to woo a target …

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Oct 23

The Ethics of a Candidate Experience

This is condensed from an earlier post “The Candidate Experience – Part 2: People Interacting with People” from May 30, 2012. It was edited to tie in with the series on business ethics because in justifying our relationships with job seekers it becomes a matter of just doing the right thing when it is not …

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Oct 05

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Interviewing

When counseling job seekers on their job search, it has been necessary to dispel myths about any one best approach to interviewing. They have been told intimate, personal, first hand advice that is from a limited perspective. I tell them that it is not a bowl of Cheerios where all pieces are the same. It …

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Oct 04

Talent Selection – Part 5: The Interviewing Paradigm

Not all interviewing methodologies are broken. If you subscribe to the theory that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” then you won’t have to worry about change until repeated problems force you to look deeper. The lack of apparent problems by current measuring standards could mean nothing is wrong. Conversely, it could be a …

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Oct 03

Talent Selection – Part 4: Interviewing Tradeoffs

Anyone with more than a few minutes of experience working in a corporate staffing office knows that certain things are not negotiable. I once worked at a start-up that was a spinoff from a large corporation with a lot of inherited baggage in the form of policies and procedures from the parent company. We had …

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