Tag: Change Management

Oct 17

Diversity as an Ethical Imperative

Originally posted on June 6, 2013 as “Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Diversity” and was selected and edited for this series because it touches on so many of the factors that people use as a basis for morality and ethical behavior. A quote from Theodore Roosevelt: “Wide differences of opinion in matters of religious, …

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Sep 21


Change is inevitable… except from a vending machine. – Robert C. Gallagher This week touched on various aspects of change. The one thing that is always constant in business as well as life is change. When the winds of change blow, we have two alternatives: to accept the change or resist it. Either can be …

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Sep 20

Change Is Not Always the Answer

There was an article published in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network about six months ago titled Change Management Needs to Change. Lately everybody seems to have a new concept of change management, but most are only changing the name to “transformation” or calling it modification or alteration. This article hits the nail on the …

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Sep 18

L.O.V.E. It to Change It

Several years ago there was a scholarly article published by the Harvard Business Review, The Hard Side of Change Management. As the title implies much discussion on change management is on soft issues such as culture, leadership, and motivation. While these are unquestionably important factors, they are not stand-alone tools to implement large transformation projects. …

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Sep 17

Managing Culture Change

The inflated role that human resources professionals profess to have on culture change in the workplace needs to be tempered with a little reality. One of the most important functions in any business is strong, knowledgeable, and professional HR leadership, but in almost all cases they operate by the grace of company executive management that …

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