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Jul 18

When is a job not a job?

“If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” – George Bernard Shaw Recently I acted on emotions rather than logic because of a hard lesson that was taught to me years ago. Last week I publicly confronted a job spammer on LinkedIn. I should have …

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Oct 15

The Lifeboat Game – An Exercise in Ethics

This article is being reposted from January 11, 2013. It was originally written as advice to job seekers on making an ethical choice in their career. Julian Baggini, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Philosophers’ Magazine, is quoted as saying: “It may not have the virtuous ring of the golden rule, but the maxim ‘never say …

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Oct 10

Consultants – Part 4: When Not To Engage

Hiring external expertise to solve problems means making a major commitment to select and utilize this specialized resource. It is not inexpensive. On the occasions where internal consultancy will work just as well, there is probably a greater need for careful consideration before committing resources. Just because such a decision would be utilizing assets already …

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Sep 28

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Job Search Reality

One thing that is guaranteed to irritate already disgruntled job seekers is to tell them to get real. Looking for work is a highly personal and emotional experience. The last thing that is wanted is for someone to point out that there is an alternate reality that they are missing… the last thing they want …

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Sep 27

Job Search Reality Check (Part 5 of 5) – Truly See Yourself

As the old saying goes, advice is cheap. When we are on a path that is unknown and there are no clear direction signs, we look to one of two types of people to help out: Those who have walked this path before and those at the end who know what lies ahead. Unfortunately the …

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