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Oct 02

Talent Selection – Part 3: Interviewing Adaptability

When confronted with issues of flaws in the candidate experience, I have actually heard interviewers speak the words, “I am just following policy.” That is possibly someone looking for a scapegoat to blame for their actions. The psychological term is called “The Nuremberg Defense” which came from the trials of Nazi war criminals for atrocities …

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Sep 30

Talent Selection – Part 1: Interviewing Crosscheck

“Flight attendants, prepare for arrival and crosscheck.” I have heard that over the aircraft cabin PA systems for years and thought that it had something to do with counting people. I remember eons ago on school outings teachers would walk down the aisle of the school bus and count heads to make sure the number …

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Sep 27

Job Search Reality Check (Part 5 of 5) – Truly See Yourself

As the old saying goes, advice is cheap. When we are on a path that is unknown and there are no clear direction signs, we look to one of two types of people to help out: Those who have walked this path before and those at the end who know what lies ahead. Unfortunately the …

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Sep 26

Job Search Reality Check (Part 4 of 5) – Strategic vs. Tactical

The biggest mistake made by a job seeker is to begin without planning their search. Jumping into action without a plan is counting on luck rather than skill. In reality there is no such thing as luck. A quote sometimes attributed to Benjamin Franklin and used by many more recent management theorists goes like this: …

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Sep 07

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Thinking About Our Prejudices

The topics related to waging war on discrimination, stereotypes, bias, and prejudice seem to be popular among my readers. I have often said that I write mostly for myself, but there is a certain feeling of gratification when the numbers show that people are actually reading the articles that I write. This week it seems …

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