Tag: Humor

Oct 20

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Inflammatory NFL Team Names

Well even the President of the United States had to weigh in on the sensitivities of some people to the Washington Redskins name. In a twist of irony, it became a common joke last week that they should in fact change their name and remove the “Washington” part to prevent further embarrassment. While I am …

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Oct 13

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Rage Against The App

Managing expectations is the first rule of politics, marketing, diplomacy, and any other form of messaging between people. My father taught me that people should always know that my word was my bond… and this is not a subset of that philosophy but the very heart of it. Building and maintaining trust means that people …

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Oct 06

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Party of One

The life of a road warrior is sometimes exciting and filled with opportunities to network with new professional colleagues. Close friendships develop over time and as is the case with most business relationships there is a closer bond when there is a shared experience of good food and drink. Before you sign up for this …

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Sep 29

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Coded Messages

We are pretty good at detecting crap messages in TV commercials. “4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident to their patients who chew gum.” That one hasn’t been believable for decades… how do they know? My dentist never asked me if I chewed gum, so maybe he was that one holdout that didn’t recommend sugarless …

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Sep 22

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Wallpaper

One of my proudest moments in immediately generating a spur-of-the-moment humorous ad lib was a private conversation with my wife over coffee… well, I do coffee and she does tea, but the principle of morning banter is the same. I was in a silly mood and cracking jokes and she commented that I could probably …

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