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How To Use Your Resume and When To Do It

Nobody ever reads the instruction manual, but resumes don’t come with details anyway. Instructions on how to use a resume would almost seem to be unnecessary, but there are some very wrong things that people do with them. Underexposure is one culprit. The best resume in the world will not be of any help if …

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Job Seeker Crap Filters

It is hard being a job seeker in today’s economy. With all of the technological advantages we have today one would assume that nobody could get lost. We should be able to turn on some sort of cyber-jobs-GPS, plug in our destination and watch our career unfold on a high-resolution flat-screen display. However, the exact …

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Job Search Must Include Invention, Innovation and Improvisation

As seen on TV, a useful gadget to ripen bananas and keep them from bruising by contact with any other objects works by suspending the bunch in the air. If you believe the hype, setting a bunch of bananas on a flat surface or in a fruit bowl is the worst thing you could do. …

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