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How To Use Your Resume and When To Do It

Nobody ever reads the instruction manual, but resumes don’t come with details anyway. Instructions on how to use a resume would almost seem to be unnecessary, but there are some very wrong things that people do with them. Underexposure is one culprit. The best resume in the world will not be of any help if …

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Why the Resume is Not Dead and Why You Still Need One

There is an abundance of free advice for job seekers online and a significant amount of it is pure crap. Crowdsourcing for best answers requires a high degree of fine tuning the crap filters to get rid of the outliers of reality. In order to be bold and daring many futuristic thinking individuals have created …

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The Lifeboat Game for Job Seekers

There is a classic exercise that is used in the classroom for teaching ethics called The Lifeboat Game. There are variations on the plot, but basically an ocean liner on a long voyage is shipwrecked and there are 15 people on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. It is soon learned that only …

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