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Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – From the Inspirational To the Practical

I’m not sure if this is a permanent trend, but this week also began with an article that is intended to be somewhat motivational on Monday and evolved into an analogy of personal characteristics in an organization on Tuesday. Another recurring topic is on diversity and this week we take a look into exclusion as …

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The Lifeboat Game for Job Seekers

There is a classic exercise that is used in the classroom for teaching ethics called The Lifeboat Game. There are variations on the plot, but basically an ocean liner on a long voyage is shipwrecked and there are 15 people on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. It is soon learned that only …

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Job Seekers: You Need a Pilot for Your Ship

The concept of a maritime pilot is said to be as old as the sea itself. In ancient Greece, local fishermen would be hired to bring foreign ships safely into port. Modern day pilots serve to facilitate a global shipping trade where local laws and navigation rules could possibly overwhelm a ship’s captain and crew. …

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Artificial Motivation

Image credit: vipdesignusa / 123RF Stock Photo

It is the season to seek justification for our actions even when it is purely emotional rather than logical. We were urged by major box stores that if we didn’t shop on Black Friday then we would lose out on all of the best prices for holiday shopping. Hidden away was that whisper of truth …

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A Tunnel Tutorial for Job Seekers

In the half-full/half-empty motivational pithy platitude hall of fame is an old saying that we have all heard: The light at the end of the tunnel (signifying the Yay-I’m-Almost-There syndrome) may actually be a train coming toward you (also known as the Oh-Shit-Not-Again syndrome). In the middle of a tunnel you never know exactly where …

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