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Oct 25

Life and Career Analogs

In a recent impromptu interview with award winning movie writer/director Edward Lyons, a story I hope he will someday allow me to record and promote, something clicked in my brain. My career in talent acquisition in a corporate world is not so different from his. Even though he could have been a great actor or …

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Sep 27

Job Search Reality Check (Part 5 of 5) – Truly See Yourself

As the old saying goes, advice is cheap. When we are on a path that is unknown and there are no clear direction signs, we look to one of two types of people to help out: Those who have walked this path before and those at the end who know what lies ahead. Unfortunately the …

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Sep 22

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Wallpaper

One of my proudest moments in immediately generating a spur-of-the-moment humorous ad lib was a private conversation with my wife over coffee… well, I do coffee and she does tea, but the principle of morning banter is the same. I was in a silly mood and cracking jokes and she commented that I could probably …

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Apr 22

Networking: Anybody Can Do It with These Dozen Tips

Whether you are in human resources, communications, sales, underemployed or unemployed, you will hear the mantra “Network, network, network!” over and over again. Introverts may recoil with fear and claim that this tactic is not a match for your personality type. More outgoing individuals will dismiss the idea as something that comes naturally to someone …

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Mar 17

From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Talked About Networking

When we talk to job seekers about the best way to find leads toward finding that dream job, one of the top three recommendations is always networking. When we consider our personal brands and attempt to carve out the niche where we belong, one of the top tools we use is networking. This is somewhat …

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