Tag: Problem Solving

Jun 22

We Have To Talk… Before It’s Too Late!

Last year a BBC article told the story of Julia Rogers of Newton Abbot, Devon. After over-the-counter remedies for backache didn’t help alleviate her pain, she went to her doctor complaining that it seemed to be spreading into her abdomen. She was sent for blood tests and later for an ultrasound which showed “excessive bowel …

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Oct 15

The Lifeboat Game – An Exercise in Ethics

This article is being reposted from January 11, 2013. It was originally written as advice to job seekers on making an ethical choice in their career. Julian Baggini, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Philosophers’ Magazine, is quoted as saying: “It may not have the virtuous ring of the golden rule, but the maxim ‘never say …

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Oct 14

A Discussion of Ethics – Prologue

Sometimes a discussion on a topic means doing enough research to be able to talk intelligently without looking foolish. I had planned to do a series of articles on Ethics and began reading and collecting data from a lay perspective and not as a scholar. I learned quickly that this word I have used and …

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Oct 12

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Consulting

If you advised someone on a strategic new course of action today, you were acting as a consultant. The simplest form of the definition of consultant means to give someone advice. The modern connotation of the word has evolved from a medical term where a consultant was a specialist that could step in and advise …

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Oct 09

Consultants – Part 3: Do It Yourself

There is no stone tablet etched with instructions that you must only go outside of the company walls to find consulting expertise. If the primary reason for hiring external consultancy is to augment company staff or to buffer their workload, logically there could be times that it is perfectly acceptable to turn to in-house talent …

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