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Oct 24

Job Search Ethics

A number of articles on this site have addressed the polar opposites of the job seeker and the recruiter. Both are individuals and both have a system of ethics that is based on their personal perspectives as well as sharing a common perspective of the world in which they live. It is very easy to …

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Oct 05

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Interviewing

When counseling job seekers on their job search, it has been necessary to dispel myths about any one best approach to interviewing. They have been told intimate, personal, first hand advice that is from a limited perspective. I tell them that it is not a bowl of Cheerios where all pieces are the same. It …

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Oct 02

Talent Selection – Part 3: Interviewing Adaptability

When confronted with issues of flaws in the candidate experience, I have actually heard interviewers speak the words, “I am just following policy.” That is possibly someone looking for a scapegoat to blame for their actions. The psychological term is called “The Nuremberg Defense” which came from the trials of Nazi war criminals for atrocities …

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Oct 01

Talent Selection – Part 2: Interviewing Reality

Everyone has a theory about interviewing candidates for hire. This applies to everyone involved in conducting interviews and not just people in positions of leadership in HR or recruiting. The two primary ignorance factors that keep us from doing it right are the line managers who dismiss interviewing as something that anybody off the street …

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Sep 30

Talent Selection – Part 1: Interviewing Crosscheck

“Flight attendants, prepare for arrival and crosscheck.” I have heard that over the aircraft cabin PA systems for years and thought that it had something to do with counting people. I remember eons ago on school outings teachers would walk down the aisle of the school bus and count heads to make sure the number …

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