Tag: Time Management

Where Will You Start Today? (Hint: Prioritize)

We all know people that seem to need total retraining when they return to work after taking only a few hours off for a nap before breakfast. For most of the rest of us, the first day of work after returning from a vacation or holiday may feel like that. It usually means rekindling a …

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What if Tomorrow Doesn’t Come?

The personal side of life often implants topics in my brain that are crying to move down my arms and through my fingers to the keyboard. Only a few hours’ drive from our home in Connecticut, the trip to Northeast Pennsylvania is a nice break from having to think about anything other than relaxation. Visiting …

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Managing Time As A Precious Resource

The new definition of irony is someone who has taught a time management course but has trouble maintaining their own calendar. Look that up in your dictionary and you will see a picture of me! I was guilty of no original thinking in conducting this training as it was a canned course my company purchased …

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