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Mar 07

How to Engage and Learn From Twitter Chats

Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse at “the making of” a job search chat on Twitter? The decision that we made (a little bit me and a lot of Steve Levy and Cyndy Trivella) to move Open Mic Career Chat (#OMCchat) to Friday at Noon happened because we had good metrics on that …

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Mar 05

The Tangled Dynamics of Twitter Chat Advice

I am a regular on Twitter chat events and have been a participant, moderator and guest host on many of them. My latest endeavor is through a partnership with two scions of the Twittersphere, Cyndy Trivella (@CyndyTrivella) and Steve Levy (@LevyRecruits) in the Open Mic Career Chat (#OMCchat). Our objective in hosting this weekly chat… …

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Mar 03

Is There Value in Job Search Chats on Twitter?

Probably the question should be, “Is there REALLY value in job search chats on Twitter?” The knee jerk response by most casual Twitter users is a resounding “No!” For those at the other end of the spectrum there is an almost addictive property of Twitter that lures people into the false expectation that swallowing this …

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Apr 28

From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Talked About Twitter

When anyone asks me the open ended question, “Where do you live?” the most correct answer would probably be “On Twitter.” While I am probably not as addicted to this platform as some other people I have seen, it is the knee-jerk go-to place to meet with friends, colleagues and clients. If social media is …

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Mar 28

The Best Job Search Advice

In an online world where we must constantly be on guard against spammers, tricksters and thieves we arrive at a dilemma: When our needs are great enough to require a greater than normal amount of openness there must be some rules to follow that will tell us where to find trusted agents for advice. Life …

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