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This is a re-posting of five previous articles from Make HR Happen by Tom Bolt.






StewLeonardsRockGive Candidates Better Experience, Not Bill of Rights - There is nowhere a more emphatic symbol of a corporate policy than the three-ton rock at the entrance to each Stew Leonard’s store in Connecticut and New York. On it is inscribed: “Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, reread rule 1.”  – more –


Yin-YangUniversal Unconditional Diversity: Does It Exist? –  The human resources professional is in the crosshairs of Neutrality. Everything that is balance in the universe seems to fall apart at our doors. When we take sides on issues because of personal preferences rather than professional objectivity, then Neutrality pulls the trigger and we fail. If we are a value-added resource to our organizations, then our failure has far reaching consequences. – more - 



Talbots-StoreWhat Really Makes People Tick – This past weekend was a perfect opportunity to conduct observations on human interactions and reactions. The laboratory for this operation was not some sterile, controlled environment, but it took place in the wild where the subjects were not aware that they were part of an experiment…I went clothes shopping with my wife.  – more –




Ostrich Head Sand
You Can’t Handle the Truth! -  How many times a day do you hear someone refer to “the real world” when they are trying to get someone to see an opposing point of view? Of course, everybody’s “real world” is different, so the new-speak translation of this line is really more like “you should really think more like me.” My world is usually a pleasant place to live, but I’ve been looking for this real world according to others and sometimes it is not a very pleasant place.  – more –



Over the shoulder of the next new generation

Over the shoulder of the next new generation

Mythology 101 – Generational Stereotyping – People are different. We come into the world as unique human beings and then are guided by the conformists of the day to conform to their beliefs. Even when we reach the maturity level that allows independent thinking, our thought processes are still somewhat biased in favor of the seeds that were planted in our youth. Fortunately, we do have choices: We can consciously open our minds to objective analysis of facts, we can set out on a path to justify whatever bias we choose, or we can just decide to not think at all and follow others.  – more –