From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Those Times We Talked About Twitter

When anyone asks me the open ended question, “Where do you live?” the most correct answer would probably be “On Twitter.” While I am probably not as addicted to this platform as some other people I have seen, it is the knee-jerk go-to place to meet with friends, colleagues and clients. If social media is going to replace email and other forms of written communication in the future, a good start would be with Twitter. A friend was hawking the concept of operating in the “cloud” and if she understood this concept to be “not here” and “out there somewhere” then Twitter comes close. I am learning more about the shortcomings and advantages with every day that passes and expect this learning to continue.

With the exception of some minor editorial corrections, these three articles come from the archives and specifically address how we use twitter and what we can learn there. If you need to see a good cross section of humanity, take a few minutes and watch it scream by. If you want to participate in a topical interest area, find the appropriate hashtag and filter your stream. Happy tweeting!


When the Experts Disagree - My father and his brother had a disagreement which began from my earliest recollection as a child and continued throughout their lives. They were as close as brothers living in two different cities could be, but when they got together this topic always came up: Which is better, a Ford or a Chevrolet? They had other differences: Dad was an under-the-hood kind of guy and I remember that my uncle adorned his car with gadgets.  – more –



Twitter Chat Advice vs. Truth, Trust and Talent – Risking a violation of the cardinal rule about casting stones from my own glass house, I hesitate to be critical of any online characters we meet in the twittersphere, but somebody has to call attention to the fact that everybody we meet online is not genuine. I have been a regular on Twitter chat events and have been a participant, moderator and guest host on many of them. – more –


Your Twitter Mind Tricks Won’t Work On Me– Star Wars fans will read the title of this article and immediately have flashbacks to the mind control that a Jedi could willfully exert over others. One of my favorite scenes was when the overconfident Qui-Gon was trying to negotiate with the junk dealer Watto and pay with Republic credits. With a wave of his left hand the Jedi master insisted “Credits will do fine.” Over and over, Watto argued “No they won’t!” because “Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me.” – more –