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I love talking with job seekers about finding their dream job. We plaster the Twitter chats with platitudes about passion. I hope most of them never lose sight of that dream, but I also pray that they are not blinded by it. The dream that never happens makes for an unhappy life. Most careers are really built on talent and timing. If you are good at something and the time is right, it will happen. The story of my career (so far) would have to involve a characteristic called geekiness by most people. Serendipity also handed me opportunities I never could have crystal balled. Stemming from an engineering background, I found myself somehow at the negotiating table involved in working with unions on job evaluation issues. I’m still not sure who got my plant engineer dream job, but it wasn’t me. I did get promoted to corporate staff in human resources and the rest, as they say, is history.

Somehow my left brain leanings have shoved me into the path of oncoming HR technology in ways that I could not have imagined. There was no getting out of the way… and I loved every minute of it. In one job I actually wrote the code for an ad hoc in-house HRIS system and was in nerd heaven. I have installed first-ever applicant tracking systems in three companies and trained recruiters and managers on ATS and other technology in uncountable others. Is it any wonder that my writing is often the result of my muse somehow telling my right brain to borrow a few leftover brain farts from the techy side? I have selected three articles from my archives to put before you for comment, complaint, criticism… or kudos.

Someday my dreams will come true. My dream job of climbing onto a fire truck racing through the streets with sirens blaring will send thrills all the way down to the 6-year old kid that is still in there somewhere.

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Job Search Must Include Invention, Innovation and Improvisation – As seen on TV, a useful gadget to ripen bananas and keep them from bruising by contact with any other objects works by suspending the bunch in the air. If you believe the hype, setting a bunch of bananas on a flat surface or in a fruit bowl is the worst thing you could do. This sky-hook device supposedly provides a more natural position, although if you look up articles on banana growing you will find that this actually hangs them upside down. – more –



Tea Leaves and Technology– The centuries-old art of tasseography, or reading of tea leaves, is at risk of extinction. The mysteries of having someone with a psychic gift discover meaning in the remnants of a cup of tea has already been eroded by our instantly accessible media. A quick online search not only reveals the tea leaf patterns for anyone to interpret, but also gives instruction on how to prepare the cup of tea for a reading.

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