From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Never Ending Talk About Generations

A pet peeve of mine is to hear so-called experts about various generations rant about age discrimination while perpetuating the myths of generational differences through their arguments. I probably take it too personally when people talk about the “old guys” from my generational cohort, but I have learned to exercise restraint in lashing out at the offenders… a reaction that would defeat the purpose of calling for open dialog. Perhaps the word Boomer actually comes from the fact that we can become explosive when provoked: BOOM! The real irony is that I see this as a good thing. I refuse to be categorized as someone who is too old to be relevant… the same as years ago when I refused to be seen as irrelevant because of my youth. Maybe part of the answer is to convince old folks to remember how it felt to be young, eager, and ignored. The other part is urging youth to persist in demanding to be heard while respecting that someday their values will be challenged by the generations that will follow them. People are people. Discrimination is a people product. Fight the undeserved discrimination, not the people.

Three articles from the archives are reposted for consideration on this topic. Comments are not only welcomed, they are encouraged… if not here, in public where it needs to be discussed openly more often than it is at present.

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Mythology 101 – Generational Stereotyping - People are different. We come into the world as unique human beings and then are guided by the conformists of the day to conform to their beliefs. Even when we reach the maturity level that allows independent thinking, our thought processes are still somewhat biased in favor of the seeds that were planted in our youth. Fortunately, we do have choices…  – more –




Do We Ever Really Grow Up? – I usually observe one more restriction than the usual list of forbidden topics such as religion and politics.  Except where there is a point to be made I don’t talk much about my family. My eyes glaze over when some people blather incessantly about their personal lives and I don’t really want to become another blatherer. – more –


The Controversy Over Paying Dues – My intellectual and emotional maturity came about through reluctantly paying dues that someone else imposed as a standard. I was and still am a rebel. Paying dues is a concept that has different meanings to different people, but the dominant context is that no one can reach a level of excellence in their careers without following exactly in the footprints of those who went before them. – more –