Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 1

Last week I wrote an article telling recruiters why they should think like a candidate. If you didn’t read that one because it didn’t seem to apply to you, just consider the premise I introduced there before moving on: The goal to making communications become more effective is for the conversation to evolve into an Adult to Adult dialog with neither party taking a superior role. On that basis it is safe to say that… Read More »Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 1

The Mother’s Day Paradox

Did you ever notice that the official spelling of this commemorative holiday is the singular possessive “Mother’s Day” and not the plural “Mothers’ Day” as it is usually celebrated? When you hear proclamations that we are participating in a day celebrating motherhood, please join me in a resounding chorus of “Nope! It’s all about MY mother!” Researching the topic online didn’t have to go any further than Wikipedia to learn that although it is celebrated… Read More »The Mother’s Day Paradox

When the Experts Disagree

My father and his brother had a disagreement which began from my earliest recollection as a child and continued throughout their lives. They were as close as brothers living in two different cities could be, but when they got together this topic always came up: Which is better, a Ford or a Chevrolet? They had other differences: Dad was an under-the-hood kind of guy and I remember that my uncle adorned his car with gadgets.… Read More »When the Experts Disagree

HR, Pop Culture and Bin Laden

Yesterday as I looked over my outline of blog topics and worked on some unfinished drafts, I had no idea that I would be motivated to write about a hot news story this morning. A last minute change in plan will be guaranteed NOT to be an in-depth analysis of anything, but a short blurb about my thoughts at the moment. Please bear with me on these ramblings as they flow: Today is a major… Read More »HR, Pop Culture and Bin Laden

Sunrise of a Blog

To me the sunrise symbolizes a new beginning. The header to my blog is a photograph I snapped of the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from a hotel room in Cronulla, NSW Australia. It was quite inspiring to watch each morning as the sun gave birth to a new day by burning off the lazy haze left over from the night before. Actually the term “beginning” means only a moment in time. What happens next… Read More »Sunrise of a Blog