Unconscious Bias: What does it Mean?

Last week, I watched an eye-opening podcast on systemic bias against blacks in the workplace as well as in life in general. For those of us who have not lived the life of constant discrimination by race, broadcasts on this topic are essential to give us insight and a balanced perspective. We can never walk a mile in those shoes, but we can learn from those who have. Near the conclusion of the broadcast, one… Read More »Unconscious Bias: What does it Mean?

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Kids Do Matter

There was a time in my career that I was very self conscious about my age… actually two times. Just starting out was tough because with no experience it seemed that I had more energy to burn than should have been allowed. Later on I never mentioned family in private business relationships because it seemed to be more professional to project an image of only one driving force: my work. Having kids made me seem… Read More »Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Kids Do Matter