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Who Is This Guy Snooze?

There are no discoverable historical records about Doctor Snooze, but we do see evidence of his influence. His name is emblazoned on every alarm clock and smartphone in the world. Whoever he was, the damage done by his philosophy of instant gratification by procrastination has become ingrained in our existence. Why bother to be burdened with a commitment to get up in the morning if it is too easy to be tricked into oversleeping? Doctors… Read More »Who Is This Guy Snooze?

Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Rage Against The App

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Managing expectations is the first rule of politics, marketing, diplomacy, and any other form of messaging between people. My father taught me that people should always know that my word was my bond… and this is not a subset of that philosophy but the very heart of it. Building and maintaining trust means that people must set an expectation of truth and then live up to it. We live in an age where there seems… Read More »Off the Grid: Not Necessarily HR – Rage Against The App