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Easier Said Than Done

A few years ago, I wrote a post with advice that I egotistically called “Safety Nets and Backup Plans.” Who am I to say how life works? I only have one, and sometimes it is not easy to manage. The points made about having a Plan B are still valid, but looking at recent events in our collective lives, I see how difficult it can be to stay the course. The rule of getting somewhere… Read More »Easier Said Than Done

The Job Seeker’s Guide To The Galaxy And Other Places

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There is an often quoted saying that wisdom comes from the mouth of babes. Children don’t have a trained filtering mechanism in place and their wise sayings are sometimes the revelation of truths that grown-ups don’t see or don’t want to see. They also have the beginnings of a mechanism to reorganize the truths into something more understandable to their level of development which may be totally distorted. My son went to a nursery school… Read More »The Job Seeker’s Guide To The Galaxy And Other Places


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