Decision Making

Managing Decision Tunnels, Funnels and Planes

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There are two symbols that are fundamentally different from each other, but both are used to describe similar events in the decision making process. The journey along a path toward a goal is often depicted as a long dark tunnel that we must stumble through, overcoming obstacles and conquering fear until we find the “light at the end.” The other analogy that is used to describe a journey is to see ourselves moving through a… Read More »Managing Decision Tunnels, Funnels and Planes

Where Will You Start Today? (Hint: Prioritize)

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We all know people that seem to need total retraining when they return to work after taking only a few hours off for a nap before breakfast. For most of the rest of us, the first day of work after returning from a vacation or holiday may feel like that. It usually means rekindling a purposeful focus while also doing the socially correct thing of talking to colleagues about the time spent apart. Human niceties… Read More »Where Will You Start Today? (Hint: Prioritize)

Jekyll and Hyde Decision Making – Valuing Perspective

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True multiple personalities within one person are an unfortunate clinical condition that most of us, thankfully, will never experience or even encounter. We consider this to be the stuff of movies with plots that give us a glimpse into a strange world of twisted motivations and confused spirits. While multiple personality disorder (MPD) is rare and difficult to diagnose, our oversimplified lay definition for this is a condition characterized to be at least two distinct… Read More »Jekyll and Hyde Decision Making – Valuing Perspective