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The Discrimination That Nobody Challenges

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                          If you know me or have read any of my blog posts, you probably are aware that I am a baby boomer citizen with a low threshold of tolerance for age discrimination. I have a reputation for challenging people who think that assigning an intelligence factor to generational differences is anything other than a myth. In polite company, most people agree with… Read More »The Discrimination That Nobody Challenges

The Four Shades of Privacy

To say that social media is causing privacy issues is a gross overstatement of a problem. Again we are guilty of focusing on the medium rather than the message. People cause privacy issues. Most recently there is another furor over the privacy of personal information on Facebook that has taken on ridiculous proportions resulting in pranksters circulating hoaxes about how to post a status change that will prevent them or anybody else from using data… Read More »The Four Shades of Privacy

Job Search Must Include Invention, Innovation and Improvisation

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As seen on TV, a useful gadget to ripen bananas and keep them from bruising by contact with any other objects works by suspending the bunch in the air. If you believe the hype, setting a bunch of bananas on a flat surface or in a fruit bowl is the worst thing you could do. This sky-hook device supposedly provides a more natural position, although if you look up articles on banana growing you will… Read More »Job Search Must Include Invention, Innovation and Improvisation

Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 8

♫ Cellophane Mister Cellophane Shoulda been my name Mister Cellophane ‘Cause you can look right through me Walk right by me And never know I’m there… ♫ — “Chicago” – Music by John Kander with lyrics by Fred Ebb We live in an age where there is a diversity of thought on privacy. There are those who live their lives openly with no reservations about inviting total strangers into their most intimate thought processes. For… Read More »Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter – Part 8


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