From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Never Ending Talk About Generations

A pet peeve of mine is to hear so-called experts about various generations rant about age discrimination while perpetuating the myths of generational differences through their arguments. I probably take it too personally when people talk about the “old guys” from my generational cohort, but I have learned to exercise restraint in lashing out at the offenders… a reaction that would defeat the purpose of calling for open dialog. Perhaps the word Boomer actually comes… Read More »From the Archives of Make HR Happen – Never Ending Talk About Generations

Defense Against Dismissivism

I have not done an exhaustive study on the subject, but it seems to be human nature to simply dismiss people that are not like us. The first lesson in my [almost] adult life was when I was working a summer job between my freshman and sophomore years in college. Looking back, I can see the wisdom in my father’s push to get me a job in a factory environment as a place to learn… Read More »Defense Against Dismissivism

Witnessing Generations from 20/20 Hindsight

I love people watching. I am also a story teller. An exercise in creative writing for me is to people-watch on a train or in a waiting room and cast them in a miniseries in my mind. My grandmother started me on this path when I was only a child. When we would visit her, she and I would take long walks together and talk… and make up stories. One memorable day we found a… Read More »Witnessing Generations from 20/20 Hindsight

Networking: The Barrier Buster

When we talk about networking, it conjures up a broad foggy blur of reaching out globally to individuals who may have immediate impact on our goals and desires, but for the most part the network is seen to to be a long term sustaining mutual support system. The question occasionally asked about networking is, “What can I do if I need results now?” The obvious, but somewhat unhelpful answer, is that you should have started… Read More »Networking: The Barrier Buster

Blog Soup – From the Archives of Make HR Happen v.12

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          This is a re-posting of five previous articles from Make HR Happen by Tom Bolt.           Give Candidates Better Experience, Not Bill of Rights - There is nowhere a more emphatic symbol of a corporate policy than the three-ton rock at the entrance to each Stew Leonard’s store in Connecticut and New York. On it is inscribed: “Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If… Read More »Blog Soup – From the Archives of Make HR Happen v.12