Do We Ever Really Grow Up?

I usually observe one more restriction than the usual list of forbidden topics such as religion and politics.  Except where there is a point to be made I don’t talk much about my family. My eyes glaze over when some people blather incessantly about their personal lives and I don’t really want to become another blatherer. Also, even though it is no secret that I am a card carrying Baby Boom Generation member, there is… Read More »Do We Ever Really Grow Up?

Old School Re-Defined

The term “old school” was observed in no less than three Twitter chat sessions in the past few weeks. Research shows that it also appears regularly in personal blog posts as well as scholarly journals. In most cases it is apparent that people generally agree on the definition of this term, but its use is varied based on the source of the comments. Most dictionary definitions of old school acknowledge that it refers to things… Read More »Old School Re-Defined

Mythology 101 – Generational Stereotyping

People are different. We come into the world as unique human beings and then are guided by the conformists of the day to conform to their beliefs. Even when we reach the maturity level that allows independent thinking, our thought processes are still somewhat biased in favor of the seeds that were planted in our youth. Fortunately, we do have choices: We can consciously open our minds to objective analysis of facts, we can set… Read More »Mythology 101 – Generational Stereotyping

The New Old Generation

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The worst job interview I have ever had from the candidate side of the table was with Apple. Before you start throwing things at me for this heretical statement or jumping on an Apple-bashing bandwagon, let me add that this was many years ago. We have both come a long way since then…at least I know that I have and from outward appearances it would appear that Apple is a great place to work. Further… Read More »The New Old Generation

From the Greatest Generation To the Degraded Generation

We live in an age when everything and everyone must fit neatly into labeled buckets. There isn’t much room to wiggle out of the label planted on groups of people and if the term does not seem to fit we arbitrarily redefine the words. For example, what is a minority? Women are not a “minority” in terms of population, however there was a time that women were in the minority in the workforce and as… Read More »From the Greatest Generation To the Degraded Generation