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What Job Seekers Really Want – Respect

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Almost every job seeker survey shows that the most common problem they face is getting no feedback on their applications. We have called this the “black hole” because that is probably the best descriptor of how resumes get sucked into some interplanetary void. Someone coined the term “candidate experience” (probably Gerry Crispin) as a talking point and we can’t seem to get enough buzz about how bad it is and how much better it should… Read More »What Job Seekers Really Want – Respect

The Grapevine Knows

Millions of dollars are spent each year by companies trying to find out information about their competitors. Business intelligence is big business. Reversing that concept puts the whole idea of knowledge management in a different light, “What do my competitors know about me?” More important than the aggregate numbers are what individual people think and say. Walls, firewalls and fences can’t stop people from talking with each other. In-house perceptions are probably more critical to… Read More »The Grapevine Knows

Your Background Check Is Completed – What Does It Say?

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You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. ~ Abraham Lincoln There is a lot of hype about personal branding and what it can do for your career. There seems to be a prevailing belief that marketing hyperbole can right all wrongs, polish all rough edges, and hide embarrassing events. After all, this technique is… Read More »Your Background Check Is Completed – What Does It Say?

The Job Seeker’s Guide To The Galaxy And Other Places (Reprise)

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This is a previously published article that summarizes the Ten Part Series on the common theme of Job Seekers: Think Like a Recruiter. During the holiday time when many companies are shut down, it is a perfect time for those seeking new employment to review all ten parts to refuel their efforts. Comments are welcome. There is an often quoted saying that wisdom comes from the mouth of babes. Children don’t have a trained filtering… Read More »The Job Seeker’s Guide To The Galaxy And Other Places (Reprise)

All Thanks Are Not Equal

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I am thankful that we have a day dedicated to thanks. We all know people that are not so inclined to be thankful by nature and on this day they are reminded to spout the usual sappy Hallmark thank-you platitudes to anyone who does not have diabetes or a weak stomach. Maybe I was wrong by thinking that it is way too early for TV Scrooge Marathons running back-to-back until Christmas because there is something… Read More »All Thanks Are Not Equal


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