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Job Posting

The Pervasive Post and Pray Pathology

The corruption of our thinking began with learning things that we are unwilling to unlearn. Beginning with inventing the wheel and discovering fire, we eventually came to worship better technological advances. Often we found that automation alone was not the answer, but we failed to understand why. Nobody who is a recruiter today would consider spending time by only placing ads in a newspaper and then watching the daily mail or a fax machine for… Read More »The Pervasive Post and Pray Pathology

Prehistoric Job Searching

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Considering what we hypothesized about Recruiting Caveman Style, the Paleolithic Era humans looking for a way out of the dangers of hunting and the boredom of farming probably began thinking about the best way to better themselves. Although it may be hard for today’s job seekers to think about doing a job search without the aid of technological crutches, there was a time [between 10,000 years ago and yesterday] when listening and thinking ruled our… Read More »Prehistoric Job Searching

Job Seekers: The Importance of a Balanced Search

I think I always knew that the Boy Scout motto was “Be Prepared.” I only recently learned that this is also the official Girl Scout motto as well, not “Do you want to buy cookies” as most of us non-scouts thought. Well boys and girls, regardless of gender, age or ability you grew up and forgot all about the “Be Prepared” thing. Every week I hear those looking for jobs trying to figure it all… Read More »Job Seekers: The Importance of a Balanced Search

Job Seekers: How Is a Job Search like Space Travel?

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The subject of comparing the quest to find employment to a space voyage is rich with visual images of blasting off into the unknown, overcoming difficult situations, and encountering mission ending dangers. This moves the journey through uncharted waters or hacking through a forest to a new dimension. Maybe that could be the topic for another time, but for now the focus is on a simpler aspect of the trip. Of all the unknowns that… Read More »Job Seekers: How Is a Job Search like Space Travel?

Job Seekers and the Sisyphean Slippery Slope

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A Greek myth as related by me… in a nutshell – Historically, Sisyphus was the founder and King of Corinth. According to Greek mythology, he was a very bad dude (not a literal translation). Those were tough times, but even in that day he was seen as a thug,murdering travelers passing through his city just on a whim. Nothing was sacred to him and even the gods knew him as a cunning trickster. He even… Read More »Job Seekers and the Sisyphean Slippery Slope


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