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The Buzzword du Jour Is “Pivot”

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It is popular during a time when people have too much time to think that they create unintentional cultural change. We have always seen the ability to be nimble in business to be a positive thing. A standard personal trait used by candidates for employment is to prove that they are flexible. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we began to hear how companies were pivoting from manufacturing automobile parts to help meet a critical supply of… Read More »The Buzzword du Jour Is “Pivot”

Lies About Multitasking In Resumes and Jobs

Most people take pride in calling themselves multitaskers. Like other motherhood and apple pie topics, it has become a badge of honor to lay claim to the ability to do it even though there is not much proof that it works or even that it exists. Employers say they want people who can multitask, and the rest of us follow our fellow lemmings over the cliff of reality. Research shows that true multitasking is not… Read More »Lies About Multitasking In Resumes and Jobs

Personal Branding May Not Be What You Think It Is

People are making a career out of that personal branding bandwagon that may have seen better days. There are multiple examples of selling the idea and products associated with personal branding. We have massaged and smithed this buzzword of years ago when somebody first put those words together until we now have a confusing array of ideas about its definition. We will probably debate the myths and mysteries that surround this topic until people get… Read More »Personal Branding May Not Be What You Think It Is

Holes in Your Underwear (and Other Little Secrets)

We have all done it. That last pair of underwear in the drawers drawer is not something you would be proud to have others see you wearing. Your mother always told you not to leave home without pristine underwear in case of an accident. If there is no horrible occurrence to expose your nether regions to the world, who will know? You will, of course! Does it matter? A superstitious mind will give unscientific believability… Read More »Holes in Your Underwear (and Other Little Secrets)

Good Enough Is Not Enough

We are at war. Mediocrity is winning so far. I went shopping for shoes in one of those stores that advertise designer shoes at discount prices. I asked a mature looking woman wearing a store ID badge what happened to all the Brannock devices they used to have in every aisle. Blank stare… an unusual reaction for someone managing a shoe store. That may not be a common word to many people, but it’s like… Read More »Good Enough Is Not Enough


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