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Workplace Taboo Part III – Religious Expression

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We already learned that Americans misinterpret their freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. Outside of state law and case law, the Constitution only prohibits the Federal Government from passing laws abridging that freedom. The same could be said of our religious freedoms that are often taken for granted. The government cannot pass laws to form any kind of state religion or deny a citizen of his or her right to worship, or not… Read More »Workplace Taboo Part III – Religious Expression

Military Hiring Is Not About Politics

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In my recent travels I found myself with a couple of hours to kill between flights in Atlanta. Standing under one of the departure display screens was a group of uniformed U.S. Army personnel looking at connecting flights. There was another observable feature displayed by this group that was deeper than the uniform. There were a surprising number of females in this predominantly male cluster of people and the cross section of all obvious ethnic… Read More »Military Hiring Is Not About Politics

Learned From the Cave Walls at Donoterase

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The Pretender TV series ran from 1996 to 2000 and was viewed by critics and viewers as good science fiction. It enjoyed above average ratings as it also enlisted a few die-hard cult followers that are still clamoring for its return. Appealing to the audience for good-guys always overcoming an evil corporate giant, it was a story about Jarod, a child prodigy and genius with a special gift: pretending. The story begins with “The Centre”… Read More »Learned From the Cave Walls at Donoterase

Recruiting Fables – Using Sorcerer Magic

Once upon a time there was an old Sorcerer who had become known throughout the land as the perfect source (pun most definitely intended… as you have probably already guessed) of all things magical. He had a marvelous instrument that could contact people anywhere in the world by simply putting the device up to his ear and punching in powerful incantations on a keypad. He could weave powerful spells that made him the focal point… Read More »Recruiting Fables – Using Sorcerer Magic

Hiring for Fit – Find and Hire Culture Matches

Finding a good fit for a culture may not simply be a matter of matching candidates to the existing workforce. Hiring clones is usually a bad idea because it stifles creativity. Hiring for future needs without clearly visualizing the future culture is worse, but there is no doubt that culture is a major impact on hiring. A study by Leadership IQ reported that 46% of new hires will fail within 18 months. These failures were… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Find and Hire Culture Matches


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