Life Checker

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I love it when I can write with impunity because I know that a spell checker will jump to my rescue and make it look like I can actually spell. If I choose to use a syntax checker I can fix my grammar inconsistencies and make my writing more coherent. Sending text messages can be benefited greatly by auto-correction when it helps fat fingers on a tiny touchscreen turn gibberish into sensible language. On the… Read More »Life Checker

Ghosts In The House

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The fear of ghosts can definitely change behavior. For example, a few years ago we were awakened at 2:00 AM from the deepest slumber to the sound of a TV blaring in another part of the house. I first suspected our resident ghost that steals socks, hides spoons and sometimes makes those little creaky noises in the middle of the night. On closer inspection there appeared to be a more rational explanation. The solution to… Read More »Ghosts In The House

Optimism in Times of Trial

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There is a raging debate on how much bad news we should share with those around us. My day usually begins with reading several newspapers keeping an eye on the business and careers sections because that is the way in which I can keep informed on things that apply to my work. Often my cut-and-paste mentality kicks into high gear and I share things that interest me with my colleagues. Private emails and follow-up phone… Read More »Optimism in Times of Trial