Military Hiring Is Not About Politics

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In my recent travels I found myself with a couple of hours to kill between flights in Atlanta. Standing under one of the departure display screens was a group of uniformed U.S. Army personnel looking at connecting flights. There was another observable feature displayed by this group that was deeper than the uniform. There were a surprising number of females in this predominantly male cluster of people and the cross section of all obvious ethnic… Read More »Military Hiring Is Not About Politics

Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

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If there is any hot button that raises my fur it is when people make assumptions about me or others by assigning them to a particular generational bucket. Not being a fan of oversimplified infographics, I was particularly annoyed at one that I saw last week showing how to provide incentives to each of four different generation types. Oh, it was factual in its origin, statistically drawn from survey data, and gave pretty good ideas… Read More »Reinforcing Generational Stereotypes

From the Archives: Something Different Today – Perspective

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Originally published in May 2011 My profile picture could be the stereotypical headshot with a devil whispering in one ear and an angel in the other. No I don’t hear voices in my head… I create them. I can understand anger, desperation and depression from the perspective of someone who has had to endure both personal tragedies as well as those which I have shared with friends and loved ones. I also have so many… Read More »From the Archives: Something Different Today – Perspective

Being the Fringe

There is nobody else in the world like you. Even identical twins are not genetically the same. There are approximately 7 billion people on the planet today representing about 6% of all people who have ever lived. Doing the math, you are not that proverbial one in a million; you are one in 116 billion. Scientists disagree on the real number of possible DNA combinations needed to accidentally produce identical human beings, but most agree… Read More »Being the Fringe

Value of the Fringe

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From the time you decided to burst forth from the womb you started on a course that would inevitably expose you to the fringe. Mommy and Daddy protected you from bad people, but your very being is quite different from them even though genetically you may carry some of their physical characteristics. Every person capable of thinking, growing, and experimenting needs the fringe to expose them to the tails of a normal distribution curve of… Read More »Value of the Fringe