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Ghosts In The House

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The fear of ghosts can definitely change behavior. For example, a few years ago we were awakened at 2:00 AM from the deepest slumber to the sound of a TV blaring in another part of the house. I first suspected our resident ghost that steals socks, hides spoons and sometimes makes those little creaky noises in the middle of the night. On closer inspection there appeared to be a more rational explanation. The solution to… Read More »Ghosts In The House

Power, Authority, Impact and Influence

Leadership works because it is taught to those who would be in charge and there are not any courses given for followership. From universities to the military, the topic of how to lead has been dissected, defined, detailed and decrypted ad nauseam. I know what it means to lead. You know what it means to lead. There is a high probability that my concept of leadership and yours are entirely different. When asked how to… Read More »Power, Authority, Impact and Influence

True Influencers

Every time HRExaminer by John Sumser publishes another list there seems to be a mixed opinion about its validity and usefulness. Once upon a time, I enjoyed reading these lists to insure that I was following key opinion leaders in various areas and learning from them. This seemed to be working well for me…until April of this year when my own name unexpectedly appeared on the top 25 Digital Influencers in Recruiting. Then I really… Read More »True Influencers

Organizational Problem Solving

Wisdom is not a characteristic of age. Knowledge is not a measure of education. Solutions to problems are not found by intuition. We accept these generalizations as true although we sometimes act otherwise. To a certain degree, experience gained along with seniority is to be respected, educated people have been trained to think at a higher level, some things are intuitively correct, however in business we cannot assume this to be true without some sort… Read More »Organizational Problem Solving