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Problem Solving

What if Tomorrow Doesn’t Come?

The personal side of life often implants topics in my brain that are crying to move down my arms and through my fingers to the keyboard. Only a few hours’ drive from our home in Connecticut, the trip to Northeast Pennsylvania is a nice break from having to think about anything other than relaxation. Visiting my son and his family to celebrate his birthday on Sunday came with the usual expectation of watching football in… Read More »What if Tomorrow Doesn’t Come?

The Three Dis’s of Problem Solving

I once worked for a manager who had a plaque on the wall that was simply a large capital letter “D” followed by the a superscript numeral “4” which a middle school algebra scholar would read “D to the fourth power.” This sign was always an attention getter and conversation starter for those who sat in front of his desk and glanced up at the wall. When asked, he explained that this was the simple… Read More »The Three Dis’s of Problem Solving

Job Search and Self Discipline

One of the frustrating things about parenting is walking the tightrope between love and discipline. As many students home for the summer or new grads camping out until they find employment will tell you, parents never seem to get over overparenting. In a classic case of irony, I can remember objecting to overprotective parents and then missing that when I was out on my own. Becoming a parent myself was an eye opener. As if… Read More »Job Search and Self Discipline

Making Leadership Memories

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Reflection on past jobs, past bosses and past relationships shines a spotlight on the stage from which we live out our lives. Using what is referred to commonly as “20/20 Hindsight” we profit from mistakes and move on. Seldom do we in the moment think that we are making memories. We are only experiencing the present and memories are to be formed somewhere in the future. How different our learning would be if we profited… Read More »Making Leadership Memories

Organizational Problem Solving

Wisdom is not a characteristic of age. Knowledge is not a measure of education. Solutions to problems are not found by intuition. We accept these generalizations as true although we sometimes act otherwise. To a certain degree, experience gained along with seniority is to be respected, educated people have been trained to think at a higher level, some things are intuitively correct, however in business we cannot assume this to be true without some sort… Read More »Organizational Problem Solving


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