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Value of the Fringe

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From the time you decided to burst forth from the womb you started on a course that would inevitably expose you to the fringe. Mommy and Daddy protected you from bad people, but your very being is quite different from them even though genetically you may carry some of their physical characteristics. Every person capable of thinking, growing, and experimenting needs the fringe to expose them to the tails of a normal distribution curve of… Read More »Value of the Fringe

Networking for Baboons and the Rest of Us

Dr. Robin Dunbar is a British anthropologist who wrote his PhD dissertation on the social organization of the gelada baboon. Known today as an expert in primate behavior, he devised a correlation between the brain size of various primates and their average social group size. Guess what? You are a primate. According to Dunbar, human beings only have the capacity to manage between 100 and 230 distinct relationships with other people at any one time.… Read More »Networking for Baboons and the Rest of Us

Recruiting Fables – Using Sorcerer Magic

Once upon a time there was an old Sorcerer who had become known throughout the land as the perfect source (pun most definitely intended… as you have probably already guessed) of all things magical. He had a marvelous instrument that could contact people anywhere in the world by simply putting the device up to his ear and punching in powerful incantations on a keypad. He could weave powerful spells that made him the focal point… Read More »Recruiting Fables – Using Sorcerer Magic

Hiring for Fit – Finding the Pattern to Match

To use the word fit by itself means nothing. It goes without saying that if something is to be a good fit then there must be some sort of defined pattern that the fitted thing must match. In the context of hiring people for fit, the matching pattern is the group of people that are already part of the organization. Hiring indiscriminately will almost always insure a misfit. Hiring clones to match the existing body… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Finding the Pattern to Match

The Candidate Experience – Part 2: People Interacting with People

(On vacation this week. This article edited and reposted from May 30, 2012) This is the final installment in a three part series on the candidate experience. Finally, we take a look at the details of the recruiting and hiring phase of the experience. It is this element that is most often discussed by employers and candidates because it is the area that is the most visible. Why does the candidate experience suffer after establishing clear… Read More »The Candidate Experience – Part 2: People Interacting with People


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