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Give Candidates Better Experience, Not Bill of Rights

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There is nowhere a more emphatic symbol of a corporate policy than the three-ton rock at the entrance to each Stew Leonard’s store in Connecticut and New York. On it is inscribed: “Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, reread rule 1.” This company has been listed in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the world’s largest dairy store and chosen by Fortune to be one of… Read More »Give Candidates Better Experience, Not Bill of Rights

The Future of Recruiting: Does It Have A Future?

By most people’s definition, all things that have a past and present will have a future. Birth, life and death are understood to be natural occurrences and we assign this human characteristic to other things associated with human behavior. So the thought leaders ask this question about the future of recruiting with an assumption that tomorrow will look much differently than today. Some are predicting that it will evolve into something new and others see… Read More »The Future of Recruiting: Does It Have A Future?

Un-notes From #truBoston

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In the days of incandescent bulbs, instant-on brilliance was a good analogy for an idea. Since the introduction of compact fluorescent curly thingys, we have the luxury of a slower start-up and it may be several days before everything lights up in that cloud over my head. Looking over my notes from two days of #truBoston it became clear that I had spent way too much time learning stuff instead of making a record of… Read More »Un-notes From #truBoston

How To Become a Lightning Rod Recruiter

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In the politically correct recruiting world, there are three subjects that are unmentionable. To break the taboo can result in replacing cooperation, professional courtesy and friendship with polarized rhetoric, unwavering bias and strife. Of course the forbidden trio of subjects are: religion, politics and the candidate experience. The reason that there is so much disagreement on the subject of the “candidate experience” is that those words mean different things to different people and most who… Read More »How To Become a Lightning Rod Recruiter

SHRM ‘11, HR and Recruiting

There is a part of me that is regretting the decision not to go to Las Vegas for the SHRM ‘11 conference. The convention is so big there is something for everybody regardless of specialty area. However, part of the conflict in my mind is that I am too interested in everything HR, but in reality my niche is in sourcing and recruiting. It would be difficult to choose whether to expand my knowledge in… Read More »SHRM ‘11, HR and Recruiting


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