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Rethinking College Degree Requirements in Hiring

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Truthfully, I need to do much more research before engaging in a debate on the value of a college degree. I have always been a staunch advocate for education, my mentors have always pushed me to go to college, and I passed that mental legacy on to my children. Things change. When we examine the current state of the economy and the difficulty facing recent grads looking for meaningful employment on graduation it points to… Read More »Rethinking College Degree Requirements in Hiring

Unemployment Bias in Hiring

How bad is it for the unemployed today? If we were able to discount the disappointment, helplessness, and feelings of inadequacies caused by the loss of a job, there is still the daunting task of looking for work in an almost hostile environment in a weak economy. It seems that everybody is looking for a new opportunity. That includes those already working that feel the paycheck pinch and fear the ever present corporate ax that… Read More »Unemployment Bias in Hiring

Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Recruiting Fables

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My sister coined a new term for an event we have all done when caught unprepared for cooking a meal for hungry kids. She would cook breakfast for dinner and called it Silly Supper… her two sons loved it and begged or it. So after a week of vacation and another week of limited work activity due to house guests I was totally unprepared for making blog posts this week. The result? Silly blogs. Nothing… Read More »Reviewing This Week on Make HR Happen – Recruiting Fables

Recruiting Fables – The Three Little Graduates

Once upon a time there were three recent college graduates who were sent out into the world by their parents to seek their fortune. Armed with the best twenty year old advice from their parents and the best instruction of their college career services counselors from about a decade ago, they ventured out into the real world to find jobs. It was not long before they discovered that they were looked upon as fresh meat… Read More »Recruiting Fables – The Three Little Graduates

Hiring for Fit – Mismatch Insurance

It goes without saying that the best way to insure hiring a good fit for an opening is to avoid hiring the candidates that are not the best fit. In order to plan a methodology to hire for fit means rethinking many of the traditional human resources standard practices that have contributed to hiring mistakes in the past. Even after a total hiring paradigm shift there is always the chance that someone will slip through… Read More »Hiring for Fit – Mismatch Insurance


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